Thursday, 30 July 2015, @ Mother | London, 10 Redchurch Street

Working with award winning writer Dean Stalham (Channel 4, Royal Court) and the neuro-diverse arts organisation DYSPLA, bielecki&bielecka will be producing the short film Bueno Key.
A film about the art that changed a drug dealer's life and how it saved his relationship with the love of his life.

LINK TO KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN Kickstarer was a success, we have completed filming and are currently in the post production process.


BUENO KEY is a British drama about three characters trapped in a world of addiction; an ugly world of drug dealing and drug taking, and risking it all on the horses. BUENO KEY is a powerful story about how we must sacrifice all that we know to become all that we can be. This sacrifice begins with a phone call to a drama coach. Proving that art can change lives.


Because middle class dyslexics go to art school and working class dyslexics go to prison; but everyone deserves the right to change their life for the better.


Written by dyslexic writer and artist Dean Stalham: "I want to make this film to show that people in a seemingly hopeless situation can change; and that change is often found in the most diverse places, which gives hope to all, especially those that believe all hope is gone." http://www.madecorrections.com/


Produced by DYSPLA - the first arts organisation to develop, produce and promote the work of dyslexic and neuro-diverse storymakers. Established in 2007, DYSPLA has exhibited work throughout London and internationally. DYSPLA is very excited to be producing its first short film and hopes it will be the first of many. www.dyspla.com


Bielecki & Bielecka are a directing duo dedicated to building a portfolio of exciting and quirky work. They believe that their dyslexia makes them better story-makers and their work really does stand out. http://www.bieleckiandbielecka.com/


Our creative team is dyslexic. The writer is dyslexic. The directors are dyslexic; and the production company backing this film only produces the work of dyslexics. It is safe to say that this film is a good example of neuro-diversity working at its best.

We have cast the film with the following actors/non actor:

EDMUND DEHN - as 'JONUS', the drama coach http://www.spotlight.com/0458-0169-5606

JADE ASHA - as 'JADE', the addict girl friend http://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/1/F103278.html

DEREK HORSHAM - as 'DANNY', the dealer

For those that know us, you will know that we are tenacious, rebellious people that work hard to get the job done. For those who are reading this profile with no knowledge of the creative team - I say, feel free to google us: we have a reputation of making things happen.

It is an illusion that one needs a lot of money to make many things. But you do need some money to make things better.